Review & Keep The BOSCH

Unlimited While Vacuum cleaner

Our bagless vacuum cleaners with SmartSensor Control offer a useful solution for any cleaning challenge. There are powerful all-rounders and specialists that are particularly quiet or tough on animal hair. There are also space-saving appliances that are compact and light.

Bagged vacuum cleaners from Bosch: Great performance, hygienic and clean.

Bagged vacuum cleaners are thorough, save energy and are reliable on all floor types. Whether you want a vacuum cleaner that is particularly quiet, tough on animal hair, compact and manoeuvrable or extremely flexible with an extra-large operating radius – Bosch has the perfect appliance for any challenge.

Cordless hand-held vacuum cleaners from Bosch: Powerful and flexible.

The rechargeable handstick vaccuum cleaners from the Athlet range have great stamina and are just as powerful as a conventional vacuum cleaner. They are extremely manoeuvrable and clean carpet, wood floors and tiles thoroughly thanks to SmartSensor Control. The Bosch lithium-ion batteries ensure an extra-long runtime and are extremely quick to recharge. Light and handy for in-between cleaning: the 2-in-1 hand-held appliance with removable rechargeable vacuum cleaner – a practical tool for any home.

Thoroughly tested. Thorough cleaning.

To make sure that our vacuum cleaners also meet the highest quality standards, we make things tough for them: Before our canister vacuum cleaners are released for series production, they are switched on and off 45,000 times in our switching test. And the floor nozzles also have to have incredible staying power in fatigue tests covering lots of kilometres. These tough endurance tests produce a remarkable result: uncompromising quality, an outstanding cleaning performance and absolute reliability.